A healthcare plan audit program
to safeguard your plan assets
is a Best Practice

MedReview’s Dependent Eligibility Audit

With Health Care Reform (PPACA) legislation, it is more important than ever to ensure that dependents enrolled on your benefit plan actually meet the guidelines of an eligible dependent.


While each company determines who is eligible for coverage under their health plan, mistakes happen.  Eligibility rules can be confusing.  It is a simple fact that most every employer has dependents on their plan that fail to meet the plan’s requirements.
MedReview understands the sensitive nature of the relationship between employers and their employees.  To ensure the audit is as minimally invasive as possible, we will work with you to review and customize your member communication pieces to suit the specific needs of your audit.  At no additional charge, we will also update your employee’s COB and gather social security numbers of all dependents.
During the verification phase, our approach is to obtain the required documentation while conveying to the member the importance and positive aspects of the audit.  Communication with your employees emphasizes that the audit reduces the cost of the plan which enables you to provide better benefits to your employees.
A Dependent Eligibility Audit reduces risk moving forward.